Shady Tactics at Vienna Escort Agencies

shady tactics in Vienna sex scene

Every time you are looking for an escort agency in an escort directory or on the Internet, keep in mind that not necessarily all of them are reliable. You can run into scams and upsells if you are not careful, even if the agency looks promising at first sight.

This is true on the Internet in general. There are fake agencies and businesses looking for naive people all around the place in the hope for some easy money. Scammy escort agencies tend to send a different escort girl instead of the sexy looking one you ordered, for example.

There is also upselling, which is an absolute time- and money-waster for everyone who falls victim to it. These schemes and methods can vary from agency to agency, which is why we wrote this escort guide article. On our list, we will help you identify common schemes so that you can avoid them in the future.

Common Scamming Schemes Used by Escort Agencies

There are a few shady tactics you need to be aware of before booking at an escort agency. We are going to list the most important ones to look out for that we also use in our practice when we look for the best agencies to list on our escort directory.

Watch out for escort agencies that use photos of girls who are not even working there. On their website, you can see photos of attractive ladies that were typically stolen from the Internet. In other cases, they apply a lot of photoshop to the point where the girl on the photo barely resembles the real person.

A popular scamming scheme is to send the wrong girl to the client. In this case, the escort you meet is usually not as attractive as the one you booked. They do this because there are many clients who reluctantly accept the girl anyway. What we recommend is to decline the lady right away, as you can’t be forced to pay for an escort you didn’t even order.

It is good practice to avoid escort agencies with prices that are below average. This is a red flag even if the escort agency is not a scam, as the low price comes with a downside more often than not. You don’t want to deal with ladies that have a bad attitude or provide services that leave a lot to be deserved.

There are also escort agencies that send escort girls who simply don’t want to provide you the previously agreed upon services. A good agency aims to only promise services that the ladies are comfortable with and willing to do.

In our escort guide, we have listed the most common scams you can run into with an escort agency. Now we are going to tell you how to identify these scams on EscortGuideVienna.

Learn More about the Escort Agency through Reviews

If the agency is not willing to share its own reviews, someone else is likely going to on a different website or platform. Type the name of the agency in Google and an escort directory, forum, blog or other website will pop up where mongers share their experiences and learn more about the escort agency.

People who run into scammy escort agencies often not only want to avoid them in the future but also to share the information with others. If the agency has reputation, it most likely has reviews and people can share them in many ways on the Internet.

Here are a few websites that we can suggest in our escort guide where you can find information about the Vienna paysex scene: Sex Vienna, Sex Vienna Forum, Sexclubs in Wien

Sex Vienna main page

The Truth Behind Cheap Escort Agencies

Does it seem too good to be true? Then it probably is. An escort agency that aims to be dirt cheap is most likely not going to satisfy your needs, to say the least. A poor service is almost guaranteed if you choose one of those.

Or, you might get scammed, in which case a random girl is going to arrive with whom you won’t have the slightest intention to have sex with. In case a reasonably attractive girl arrives, then she is either going to charge more or say no to extras you have previously agreed upon with the agency.

In short, it is likely going to be a disaster. If you want a pleasant experience, then do yourself a favor and resist those dirt-cheap agencies.

Fake, Low-Quality or Photoshopped Photos

Take a look at the lineup on an escort agency website. Are there obvious differences between the photos of each escort girl? Do a couple of girls have model-like photos, while the others only uploaded photos taken with their own phone?

In that case, you can already suspect that the escort agency is not reliable. Some agencies just don’t shy away from stealing model photos from the Internet. Maybe all their photos are stolen from the Internet, who knows. Another issue is when they heavily photoshop their photos, displaying an unrealistic picture of their girls.

Fortunately, there are clever software available that can help you. If the agency is suspicious, try to insert the photos into Google’s Reverse Image Search or use TinEye, which is a website that does the same. These search engines are going to show you if the photos were used elsewhere on the Internet.

Please Register or Pay Our Subscription Before Checking Out Our Lineup

When you see this, we recommend you to trust our escort guide and hit the X button right away. Creating a Member’s area for the photos of the escort girls working at the agency is another shady tactic. If the website only asks you to create an account, then you can go ahead and try it.

However, some agencies can ask you to type in your credit card information and actually pay for their “content”. These are typically just scammy websites that have nothing to do with a legit escort agency. If it’s legit, then you need to be able to take a look at their lineup.

On the EscortGuideVienna escort directory, you can find numerous escort agencies that allow you to check out their lineup right away.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common shady tactics used by escort agencies. Hopefully, this information will prove useful for those who are about to look for a reliable escort service. EscortGuideVienna is not only an escort directory but also a website where you can find just about any escort guide you are looking for.

Make sure not to stop until you find a reliable escort agency. In fact, you can only find reliable and reputed agencies on our website so we can only recommend you to check them out. If you are tempted to try an escort agency you have just discovered, then always keep our tips in the back of your mind.

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